Organ Transplant Surveillance Standards

Ripple Biosolutions Organ Transplant Surveillance Standards (RipOTSS) are laboratory reference materials designed to ensure quality performance of cfDNA-based next generation sequencing (NGS) assays used to monitor the health of transplanted organs.

Offered products include:

  • Custom order RipOTSS at admixed percentages per customer specifications available
  • RipOTSS Assay Control (1.5% admixed cfDNA)

Benefits of RipOTSS:

  • RipOTSS is sourced from human cfDNA and therefore recapitulates the assay performance observed in human patient samples
  • RipOTSS are rigorously quantified by use of NGS genotyping to establish precise admixture percentages 
  • RipOTSS can be tailored to customer specifications for admixture percentages, nanogram requirements, and cfDNA concentration 
  • RipOTSS provide confidence in interpretation of clinical laboratory patient data

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