IsoPure cfDNA

IsoPure cfDNA is purified, high-performing circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) isolated from single-source healthy human donors.

The unique characteristics of native cfDNA compared to fragmented genomic DNA make it the reagent of choice for research and development of diagnostic methods for cfDNA analysis. The natural “imperfections”, such as nicks, gaps, abasic sites, and covalent modifications present challenges that must be met before developing a diagnostic assay that is effective in a real-life situation.

Uses for IsoPure cfDNA:

  • IsoPure cfDNA can be used in validation of liquid biopsy assays including non-invasive fetal testing, circulating tumor DNA variant detection, and organ transplant rejection
  • IsoPure cfDNA can be used to evaluate in-house purified cfDNA extraction procedures and assay performance
  • IsoPure cfDNA can be used as a negative control for rare variant detection in targeted or amplicon next-generation DNA sequencing assays or droplet digital PCR
  • IsoPure cfDNA can be used as starting material for basic research and assay development

Benefits of IsoPure cfDNA:

  • Native cfDNA is a real-life control for cfDNA research and development programs and for cfDNA-based clinical diagnostic assays
  • IsuPure cfDNA is from single-sourced healthy human plasma donors with no known genetic disorders; it is not cell-line derived
  • IsoPure cfDNA consists of nucleosomal monomers, dimers, and trimers and is largely free of high-molecular-weight DNA
  • IsoPure cfDNA is designed to be cost-effective relative to user procurement of plasma and purification kits and generating in-house
  • IsoPure cfDNA meets or exceeds performance of purified cfDNA extracted by “gold standard” method
  • IsoPure cfDNA is rigorously tested on a per-batch basis for cfDNA purity and efficacy in molecular cloning assays
  • The use of IsoPure cfDNA can shorten research time by eliminating the need for generation of in-house cfDNA

Lots of IsoPure cfDNA are rigorously tested for physical appearance and PCR amplifiability. A Certificate of Analysis is provided with each purchase.

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