About Us

Chris Raymond, PhD

Chris has been an active, hands-on molecular biologist for over 35 years. The opportunity to participate in the Human Genome Project in 1999-2000 inspired a passion for nucleic acids technology and the ways in which genomics could address unmet needs in human health. Chris recognized that the advent of next-generation sequencing opened opportunities to apply genomics to population-wide clinical applications.  

Fenella Raymond

Fenella brings 25 years of experience from both academic and biotechnology settings. Her career in biotechnology has encompassed Program Management Research and Development at several companies in the Seattle area. More recently, Fenella veered in a different direction and became the successful owner of a Seattle retail business. The opportunity of returning to research as a co-founder of Ripple Biosolutions was too great to resist, and she is pleased to be part of a company that develops innovative technologies in cell-free DNA applications.

Chris and Fenella have had the opportunity to work together on numerous scientific and business projects over their 30+ year history, and Ripple Biosolutions represents their latest joint endeavor.

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